SWAFFHAM TRAIL The Town Pound Home

The town pound opposite the convent on Mangate Street is often overlooked. It is made of whole and cut flints with brick quoins and dressings and was restored and repaired by Swaffham Town Council in 1978. It received Grade II listed building status in 1995. In 2013 Mayor Terry Jennison became concerned when she received a phone tip off that someone was using the pound for storage. When she investigated she found a blue tarpaulin covering what she assumed was rubble, but an inspection by a council employee revealed an old boat under the protective material.

Briefing town councillors at a meeting on Wednesday 10th April she said that whether or not someone had seen Graham, the council employee down there, the following day the boat was moved out and away.

Now, she said, they have put a gate over the Town Pound. Someone was trying to claim it. If necessary they might have to take legal action.

A plaque reads: An enclosure in which stray animals were impounded until claimed on payment of a fine has existed on this site since medieval times.