Swaffham railway station was first opened on the 10th August 1847. The East Anglian railway ran from King’s Lynn to Swaffham and was then extended to East Dereham on the 11th September 1848.  

The station was located In Station Street. It was the junction for lines to King’s Lynn, Dereham and Thetford. The Thetford branch closed on 15th June 1964 and the station closed to passengers on 9th September 1968.

There are many signs of the former railway with embankments and cuttings remaining. Some of the old buildings and large yard are now in use as an industrial estate.

You can see some of the platform in the Station yard and you can walk along the railway track as it is now a footpath.

The farmers used to bring sheep and other animals to Swaffham by train. They also sent eggs from Swaffham to London. During World War 2 the Germans bombed the station.  

In 1894 a Great Eastern railway steam train carrying cargo was travelling southwards into Swaffham when it crashed. It knocked down buffer stops, derailed, and then went down an embankment, through a wall and into Northwell Pool. The driver, who was luckily unhurt, and the fireman managed to put the fire out before there was an explosion.