SWAFFHAM TRAIL Saint Peter and Paul Parish Church Home

The parish church of Saints Peter and Paul is one of the great East Anglian small town churches

It was built in 1454, replacing an earlier church which collapsed.

The first recorded vicar was called Richard de Wichford who was appointed in 1299.  

The tower was built early in the 16th century on the eve of the Protestant Reformation. It is made of rugged Barnack stone and is fabulously decorated with symbols, most notably the large wheels containing the crossed keys of Saint Peter and the crossed swords of Saint Paul. The beautiful lead and wood fleche on top of the tower is 19th century

You enter the church through the west doorway. On entering if you look up you see angels in the roof. Have a good look round and you will find lots of beautiful stained glass windows and wood carvings, including the pedlar of Swaffham and his dog.